Construction Adjudication

Construction Adjudication

Whittle & Co’s Director Paul Whittle, is an experienced construction adjudicator and has been a member of the RICS President’s Panel of Construction Adjudicators since 2021, including the CIC Low Value Disputes Model Adjudication Procedure, JCT Homeowner Adjudication Rules and Summary Judgement panels. 

As a practising construction adjudicator, Paul is able to provide support and advice from the perspective of the tribunal and is therefore, perfectly placed to support his clients as a party representative in construction adjudication proceedings.

Introduced by the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 as an alternative to court proceedings, adjudication offers a quick, straightforward and relatively informal way of resolving disputes arising out of construction contracts, binding on the parties unless and until challenged in court or arbitration. 

With decisions typically made within 28 or 42 days of the case being referred to an independent adjudicator, and with no limit on the value of the dispute, adjudication is a commercially attractive option to many clients. Successful claimants, in particular, benefit from being able to get back to business more quickly than would be possible using the longer, more formal court process. 

Given the real practical issues surrounding adjudication, expert advice and representation is crucial in preperation for and during proceedings. Paul is experienced in providing advisory, preparatory, documentary and advocacy services in relation to upcoming or ongoing adjudications. 

Paul has represented and supported many parties in adjudication proceeedings including contractors,  subcontractors, specialists, architects and homeowers. Paul is an expert in  JCT and NEC construction and engineering contract disputes. 

Paul has successfully represented many clients in adjudication proceedings as a party representative and is a highly experienced dispute resolver, having been appointed in over 150 construction and engineering disputes, and appointed on over 50 occasions as a party representative in adjudication.

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